About Us


Chairman’s Barber Shop is the HQ for all your grooming needs

Our friendly and efficient service offers a range of contemporary and classic cuts, along with beard trimming, shaving and waxing, using only the most reliable and effective grooming products for the modern look that makes you stand out wherever you go. Relax in an avant-garde setting and enjoy our exotic coffee blends as you select the premium package that suits your style. Come in for our signature Chairman’s Experience and walk out feeling like a boss.  

“Look Sharp, Live Fast” sums up the part we play in your life’s adventure. Because we take so much pride in your appearance, we’re all about providing the best service at the most convenience. As a family owned and operated business, we’ll always make you feel welcome, whether you are a walk-in, or you have taken advantage of our easy-to-use online booking service.


Alen is the Manager at Chairman’s Barber Shop. From Vancouver to Melbourne, he is known as an international debonair for his styling expertise.
Senior Stylist
Nader might be a seasoned veteran who brings over twenty years of experience in every style, but he prefers to let his scissors do the talking.
Senior Stylist
Ocean represents the new generation. He has a sharp eye for detail and an even sharper sense for discerning his clients’ needs.
Junior Stylist
Daniel is our newest apprentice. As Alen and Ocean’s younger brother, he has a natural talent and enthusiasm for his craft.
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