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Feel free to come by our store to get in touch with us whenever you like.

While we’re open, one of our friendly staff will be able to help you with all of your inquiries.

To save you time, we have included answers to frequently asked questions below.

As the popularity of Chairman’s Barbershop has grown, we’ve had more and more of customers prefer to make an appointment because it allows you to get in fast, get your hair done and get on with your day. If it just happens to be one of those busy times for us, no worries, you can relax in our lounge with a complimentary beverage. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink or a warm exotic coffee, as we get ready to take care of you. Click here to Book Online

Please check our Opening Hours page for opening times.

At Chairman’s, there is no grooming service we don’t provide.Whether you want us to give you a style cut and a straight blade, a fade beneath an undercut, or you just want to rock the latest hot look, we’ve got you covered. Got a beard gone wild? We can tame that mane! Check out the price list for all the extras and premium packages, there’s no place on your face that we can’t go!

Although we are certified barbers, this is an alternative skillset to that of a qualified hairdresser. Our expertise is in short hair and we keep our long hair services restricted to just trims and adjustments, for both men and women. Because we want to make sure you get the best service available, if for any reason we are unable to meet your requests, we will recommend a salon nearby that can cater to your needs.

Definitely! What could be a better present than gifting someone an experience which will leave them looking good and feeling great! Choose from a selection of gift vouchers covering most of our services. Call us up or come by yourself to find out how to get a gift voucher.

We usually post employment opportunities on our Instagram and Facebook accounts whenever we are seeking new barbers for the Chairman team. However, you can always just come by and drop off your resume, and if you happen to be what we’re looking for, we will definitely give you a call!

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